APL’s New Office Represents Company’s Commitment and Vision

About a month ago, PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (APL) inaugurated its new office in Jakarta. With the presence of this new workplace, APL not only reveals a new face through its overall office design but also voices its new vision to welcome this new decade. Of course, this fresh appearance and vision leads to the ultimate goal that never changes, which is to make APL as the top pharmacy distributor company in Indonesia and be able to distribute health products throughout the country.

The main focus of APL Indonesia's new place is to prioritize distribution processes and optimal workflows to maintain the commitment as one of Indonesia's top healthcare company in providing medical device distribution services in the country. These efforts were manifested in the interior design of APL's new building.
Christophe Piganiol Korea

With the concept of open space, it is expected that collaboration and communication between teams, especially those in the office, will be more effective and efficient. Because, with good cooperation between fellow employees, it will also be easier to establish communication processes and collaboration within employees in warehouses and other APL offices throughout Indonesia.
Of course, with the availability of open office areas and the support of the highly implementation of the latest technology, APL Indonesia creates an environment that allows all personnel to complete every job and obstacles encountered as well as possible. Through this new design, the decision-making process can be carried out faster, coordination with the distribution and warehouse departments can be strengthened, and of course the process of providing services and products to consumers can develop better than before.

As said by ChristophePiganiol, President Director of APL, this new workspace enabled the great collaboration between office staff and warehouse worker because it locates in the same neighborhood. Targets and achievements are expected to be improved with this latest step. In welcoming 2020, APL requires innovative steps such as an office with a new design and vision to ensure APL to maintain its position as one of the top pharmaceutical distributors in Indonesia.

Since the merging of main and branch offices, APL’s present-day space can accommodate up to more than 400 staffs. The great capacity and ability to bridge employee collaboration and communication is certainly expected to encourage APL to fully support Indonesia's health sector.
Not only is the interior and concept that give avant-garde energy to one of Indonesia's top healthcare company, the new office location is also closer to the warehouse. "From the collaboration, the news spread throughout every division, the need for a short time administration, and a streamlined coordination between teams is facilitated. So, this new office should be welcomed positively," added Christophe Piganiol.
This beneficial changes from the internal side will certainly have an impact on APL's moves aimed at participating in the successful distribution of medical equipment demand throughout Indonesia. As one of Indonesia's top pharmacy distributor companies, this action will certainly open the access to the availability of medical equipment needs equally.
At the drop of a hat, APL continues to strengthen its position on Indonesia's health sector. It is not only makes APL as a top healthcare company in Indonesia but also creates a positive contribution to the surrounding environment and Indonesian society as a whole. It is important to remember that with the opportunity to products and medical devices in the community, the quality of health sector will also increase, and it will improve the community life to a better level.
Of course, this is only the first step, one of the many chances that will be taken by APL today and so on tomorrow. Under the leadership of Christophe Piganiol, APL will continue to take new and best steps to maintain APL's commitment in making healthcare more accessible and support in the Indonesian health sector.


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